The actress will undergo surgery this Saturday after revealing that she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The actress Natalia Salas turned to her social networks to share a heartfelt message shortly before undergoing surgery after being diagnosed with breast cancer after several medical tests.

“Today is the last day that I inhabit this body as I knew it… With feelings of gratitude she let go of this tit that she gave so much life to. that she fed my most precious gift for a year and a half: my Leandro. I hug her, and let her go,” Salas wrote on Instagram.

“The first step on this path that begins tomorrow. Today I give way to a new version of me that will fight like it has never fought and will be powerful….renovative. AND TRIUMPHANT! Thank you for so many shows of love, support, prayer and more. #ConTodoMenosMiedo”, added the actress.

As expected, friends and colleagues from the world of entertainment were present in the comments. Mario Hart, Marco Zunino, Maricarmen Marín, Vanessa Saba, Sandra Muente, Nicolle Pillman, Daniela Sarfati, among others, commented on her publication.

Natalia Salas reveals that she has cancer

Actress Natalia Salas surprised her thousands of followers on social networks by revealing that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She told details of her situation through a video and she announced that she will undergo a mastectomy next Saturday, September 10.

As she revealed in a video posted on her Instagram account, she had to wait more than a month to receive her test results. The result of the biopsy revealed that she has breast cancer.

“In my weaning process I had a little bleeding, and at the beginning of July I decided to go to the gynecologist. They sent me for an ultrasound, then they asked me to have an MRI, and finally a biopsy. My diagnosis is breast cancer and I require surgical treatment, “she said in a video on Instagram.

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