Areliz Benel gave life to ‘Shirley’ in ‘In the background there is a place’ for several years and she assures that this role is part of her past, so she is no longer interested.

The actress Areliz Benel became known after giving life to ‘Shirley’ in “Al fondo hay lugar”. Although her character had a closure in the national series, the artist made it clear that she will not return with that role because that stage has already passed.

Through her TikTok account, the public figure commented that she does not want to know anything about this production and she is focused on her career and she will only dedicate time to fans who do not remember her from the series.

“I am grateful, I was and I will be, but that stage has already passed more than five years ago, now I am in a very different one. I am interested in the number of followers of people who follow me for me as Areliz, artist or actress,” wrote Areliz Benel in the comments of your video.

“I don’t regret it, but that already happened five years ago and the future excites me more than the past, that’s why I don’t give so much interest to those that have already happened. However, I will always be fond of your comments and my character, but no longer It generates interest in me, now I’m in another place and time,” she added.

Areliz Benel: “I’m not like Shirley from ‘In the background there is room'”
Unlike Shirley, her character in “In the background there is a place”, the actress Areliz Benel confessed that she is not very infatuated, and she prefers that men take the initiative.

“’Shirley’ is very impulsive, she likes to steal other people’s boyfriends. She can tell that she likes to play with the power of coquetry, and the strategies that she employs to get what she wants, “she told the Trome newspaper.

“Happily, we are two different people. I would never look at a man who has a partner. Unlike ‘Shirley’ who looks for the boys, I prefer that they look for me. What does happen is that some believe that I am ‘Shirley’ and they send everything, with compliments. Sometimes I get those killer looks, but I guess they get confused,” she added.

In addition, she referred to her character and stated that what happened with Shirley is unfortunate. “As a viewer I feel very disappointed by what happened, but it is true, love cannot be based on a lie. That’s why Shirley makes me feel sorry, because when she discovered love and she really fell in love, she can’t achieve happiness, “Areliz told the local media.

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