For some reason Natalia Alcocer is being silenced on Instagram, because as much as she tries to open new accounts, all her efforts are being knocked down and all her accounts are being closed

Natalia Alcocer lost her official and authenticated Instagram account a few days ago. This happened after the altercation that she had with Julia Gama, after she pointed out Rafael Nieves on Instagram as a misogynist.


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The reaction of the girlfriend of the participant of Exaltón USA, World Edition, had a chain reaction that not only aroused “hate” towards “the Viking” but also two former participants of La Casa de la Casa joined the defense of Rafa and Julia. Los Famosos 2: Brenda Zambrano and Daniella Navarro, what they called something like “team gargoyles” activated.

To date Natalia Alcocer has not been able to return to Instagram, she opened two accounts and both are disabled. The only way that fans of “the viking” can know about her is through Facebook, and fan accounts, like this one from @nataliaalcocermx.

Through this platform, the public has learned of the closure of Natalia’s second Instagram account and has been able to corroborate how the third is not working either. It seems that on this occasion “rising from the ashes” is not being possible for Niurka Marcos’s friend.

Leaving aside the lawsuit of “the Viking” with the queens of the lilac room, she appeared before the media together with her new lawyer and they reported that apparently she was granted the extension to integrate new evidence on the case of her on her of violence. The mother of Bruna Martina, Bruna and Leonor is achieving more important achievements at the legal level, in the fight to expose the case of violence of which both she and her daughters have been victims.

She spoke to the media about how she will continue to the last consequences to recover her old account and expose everything that happened, she also said that she already had a new account, but it was closed, as we explained earlier. For some unknown reason, Alcocer is being silenced on Instagram.

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