Cazzu, Nodal’s girlfriend, almost fainted on stage and sparked rumors of pregnancy

Cazzu, Nodal’s girlfriend, almost fainted on stage and sparked rumors of pregnancy

Cazzu, the rapper with whom Christian Nodal is allegedly in a relationship, almost fainted on stage. Rumors of a possible pregnancy of Argentina and Belinda’s ex have flooded the networks

Cazzu is on tour. The young Argentine singer is visiting various countries and regions of her native Argentina with her “Tour Nena Trampa”. However, Christian Nodal’s girlfriend has sparked rumors thanks to her time in Rosario, and it is that during said presentation she experienced dizziness and Cazzu almost fainted on stage, this led her to ask for a chair to continue with the concert.

Seeing what happened, many fans began to yell at her “you are pregnant”. Cazzu did not respond to the public’s affirmation, neither by nodding, nor much less by denying the shouting. She only asked for understanding in the face of her state, since it was the first time that her public saw her do a concert sitting down and not perreando with them.

Cazzu, Nodal’s girlfriend, demonstrated her professionalism, because even when she asked for understanding, she assured that she would finish the show, and that even when she passed out she would wake up and even if they would have to wait a bit, she would end the concert as it was provided. She asked for understanding and “no panic” for her work team. She stressed that during said concert she could not dog as usual because doing so made her dizzy.

Could it be that Christian Nodal, Belinda’s ex-boyfriend, is about to become a father? The young performer is 23 years old and since he ended his romance and commitment to Belinda, he has been romantically linked with Cazzu.

While Belinda has not been seen in the company of any man, so much so that it is believed that he has a formal relationship. Moreover, after her romance with Noda, Belinda has refused to show interest in rebuilding her life with someone else in the love field.

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