The Valencian sculptor Nacho Palau, who was Miguel Bosé’s partner for 25 years, has announced that he has been diagnosed with lung cancer and that he has already started the corresponding treatment to try to get rid of such a terrible disease.

It must be remembered that the artist had to go to the hospital several times, arriving at a given time, due to health problems and the exhaustion that he had dragged on since his participation in the reality show ‘Survivors’. Palau was unable to attend the final gala of the contest and, since then, has been understandably away from the public eye.

“I can already confirm after many medical tests that I am suffering from lung cancer, which until now had no name or treatment, which I am going to start immediately,” he reported on his social networks. Initially, his physical setbacks were linked to an allergic reaction derived from one of the tests of the program, in which the participants had to eat insects such as tarantulas, but now Nacho Palau has confirmed that he suffers from the same ailment as his mother, Lola Medina.

The former sentimental partner of a famous singer, with whom he has four children -Ivo, Telmo, Diego and Tadeo-, has wanted to convey “optimism” in the message with which he has announced the news, in addition to recommending that all his followers squeeze make the most of the time they have to enjoy the company of their loved ones and all those daily activities in which true happiness lies.

“I’m sorry to have been disconnected lately, but today I feel optimistic, wanting to live and overcome this disease. I don’t know how to thank so many expressions of affection that I have received in recent months from so many people and I assure you that you are going to be part essential in my recovery. Enjoy loved ones every day, all the beauty that life offers us, laugh, share, a hug, a smile and always remember that the simplest things are the ones that make us happiest “, he pointed out.

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