Claudia Álvarez and Billy Rovzar announced that they were expecting twins on September 5. “NOTICE! We have been doubly blessed. When they found out in heaven that we were asking for one more baby, Diosito, knowing the capacity for love we have, decided that we were ready to receive two beautiful little souls to bless our lives. #Twins #Babys #RovzAlvarez #TodaLaVidaTodosLosDias”, Claudia wrote at the time.

Since then, the actress has shared on Instagram the evolution of her pregnancy, such as when her doctors told her that she will not be able to complete 40 weeks of pregnancy. In addition, due to medical orders, the last trimester of your pregnancy should be taken in absolute rest to prevent labor from being advanced.

“These babies are going to be born earlier because as there are two of them, they are born earlier; We are not reaching 40 weeks (of pregnancy) and from the third trimester I have to be super still, in bed, so that they do not get ahead,” she revealed.

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