Miriam Sánchez goes to the Canary Islands to

Miriam Sánchez goes to the Canary Islands to “cure” of her addictions

The ex-survivor has been in the news in recent days after starring in some altercations in several places

The concern among her family increases after contemplating the aggressive attitude of Miriam Sánchez in a Madrilenian bar in which she put on a regrettable show in an evident state of intoxication.

AND the solution to her problems is to flee from bad company and the bad life, changing her place of residence to quieter places.

We met her as a porn actress by the name of María Lapiedra, and after leaving that profession she became television talk show with greater or lesser success. Her dependence on drink led to her ostracism, and now she lives on the income produced by renting one of the two flats she owns in the north of Madrid.

Her intention is to rent the other one and look for work as an aesthetic expert in the archipelago, a short-term plan. Even so, this transfer supposes her estrangement from her only daughter, who today lives with her father, Pipi.

The girl is already fourteen years old and, according to her father, she has a really bad time seeing her mother in such deplorable conditions.

What’s more, the night the scandalous event at the bar happened, Miriam showed up at Pipi’s and the girl’s house in an obvious state of intoxication, and her daughter told her that if she continued drinking she would never see her again in her life.

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