The Collections , NFT’s ecosystem of Latin American artists, presents Miloverso, an exclusive NFT collection by Milo Lockett, the Argentinian contemporary artist with a style of his own. There will be 11,111 works created entirely from his art and handmade with a high quality design, which are available from this month.

The Collections Promotes creators from different fields to disembark in the Metaverse and develops the process in an integral way; creation or co-creation, communication strategy, generation of communities in specialized channels, blockchain development until the final minting of the tokens.

“We chose Milo Lockett because he is a tremendously popular artist in Argentina. Over the years, Milo knew how to make himself distinguished and loved for his art. In all his works, countless characters and creatures out of his ingenuity stand out. Few collections have been designed with the level of originality of Miloverso. With this collection we seek to democratize Milo’s art and give it international scope since it will be launched mainly in the United States market,” said Guillermo Mutis, co-founder of The Collections.

NFT collection by Milo Lockett

NFT collection by Milo Lockett

For his part, Milo Lockett added: “It is a great challenge for me to disembark in the metaverse, where everything can be represented, created, collected, it is an infinite space to generate value without limits or borders. These works allowed me to pour all my universe , directing creativity in different forms and characters.”

The artist handcrafted more than 100 unique illustrations with brush and fiber, which were later captured in 3D together with a team of digital artists, about one of his most iconic characters in his work: “the elephant”.

The collection has over 250 unique properties that will give uniqueness and special rarities to the collection of 11,111 NFTs.

“The more rarities a collection has, the more it is valued and arouses interest in collectors. And mainly in this case the artist was involved in the creative process from the beginning. The NFT world does not buy only art, but a consistent project that lasts and value over time. The NFT market has its own ecosystems and communities that need to be known for a collection to be successful. That’s why we’re teaming up with a California-based technology company, with whom we’re partnering on said collection,” added Mutis.

NFT collection by Milo Lockett

NFT collection by Milo Lockett

In addition, this release has a roadmap with several surprises for the community that buys the collection: special NFTs for those who buy more than 4 NFTs, there will be a raffle for an exclusive 3D piece for the community, access to the high-quality version of the NFTs to be able to print the arts, and prizes and/or future access to the animated spots of the characters, said announcements will be made through Discord and Twitter.

On the other hand, Miloverso will be present at the most important NFT event in the world: The NFT.NYC conference one week before the official minteo. Miloverso will launch primarily in the United States and will be available worldwide. It can be purchased through an exclusive presale through the website and all announcements will be through the Discord, Twitter, Reddit platforms and specialized portals.

The team behind the Miloverso directly and indirectly is approximately 45 people, spread over four countries (Argentina, Mexico, United States and Great Britain), led by TheCollections from Buenos Aires.

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