Mary from Denmark has a spectacular collection of gala dresses that we compiled on the occasion of her 50th birthday on February 5. Over the years, the Princess has worn striking designs, among which we highlight the light blue with embroidered beads and pearls with which she posed for her new official portraits in early 2022, another folk -style flower print and, of course, , the creation of the Danish couturier Uffe Frank with which he gave the “yes, I want” to Prince Federico. Her enviable wardrobe background is now joined by the watermelon pink look with semi-cape and amber stone belt that she has just chosen for the opening dinner of the new National Museum in Oslo.

With semicap and in summer key

Mary of Denmark is in Oslo to join some official events in the company of Norwegian royalty. One of them has been the inaugural dinner of the new theater in the capital, an appointment for which she has chosen a gala dress of vaporous fabric, asymmetric sleeves and a kind of semi-cloak tied around the neck that covers only one of her arms. . The original design includes a horizontal stripe of the same watermelon pink at the waist that stylizes the figure and that the Princess has adorned with a belt of amber stones of different sizes.

Perfect guest accessories

The look is completed with the clutch in stone gray baptized as “Knot”, from Bottega Veneta , the favorite firm of celebrities who love fashion. And, although the future queen of Denmark has dispensed with a necklace to give prominence to a very special neckline, she has worn bracelets on both wrists and dangling earrings with marine motifs. Finally, and as the culmination of a style to remember her, she has worn silver-colored stilettos in tune with her handbag; of her shoe we highlight her power to optically lengthen the length of the legs and stylize the figure.

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