What’s up Doc ? Well not much except that the famous cartoon series from Warner Bros (re)appears in web3 by launching a new collection of non-fungible tokens. It is by partnering with the Nifty’s marketplace that the cartoon series intends to establish itself permanently in the Web3 ecosystem to conquer this new market.

Warner Bros launches its first Looney Tunes in NFT

Warner Bros is not at its first attempt, the company had already lent itself to the exercise by leaving NFT on the occasion of the release of the film Matrix Resurrections.

This time, it is the famous cartoon series that has marked our childhoods since its first broadcast in 1929 that decides to exploit its rights in an NFT collection. Indeed, at the beginning of the month, the distribution company Warner Bros has announced the release of a new collection called “Looney Tunes: What’s up Block?” ».

This is the opportunity for the brand to place itself in front of its competitor Disney which has already released several NFT collections on the Veve platform. A market share that Warner Bros does not intend to let go even if very few children will buy these derivative products in NFT…

NFTs again… Why do it?

Through this collection, the company wants to create a new experience for fans of the franchise by giving specific benefits to NFT holders.

The Chairman of Warner Bros said:

“Today, as digital engagement and technology evolve, the Looney Tunes collection will further expand the reach of the franchise, bringing together fans around the world, delivering unique experiences, building communities, storytelling and a whole new way to engage. And what better way to kick things off with Tweety as his 80th birthday celebrations continue! »
Warner Bros adds that the collections will serve:

“to participate in fun activities and games as the story unfolds (…) while earning rewards and perks along the way.”
Among the advantages are:

Access to exclusive Looney Tunes merchandise

  • Access to private virtual events
  • Preferential prices on certain NFTs in the collection

Nothing surprising then, classic utilities that are reminiscent of the mechanisms used by the largest NFT collections on the market.

A first collection of Titi in NFT

For this first Looney Tunes collection, Warner bros has decided to market NFTs bearing the image of Titian occasion to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the character.

This time, it’s Sylvester who has something to worry about…

Indeed, it is an army of 10,000 Titi of varying rarity that will be sold at €75 each from June 20 during a pre-sale, payable in cryptocurrency or by bank card.

Following this first collection of jpegs, Nifty and Warner Bros intend to put the cover back and will announce on June 23 new collections around other characters of the franchise. These collections will allow the company to export its products to digital.

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