Miguel Palmer dies

Mexican actor Miguel Palmer dies

MEXICO CITY, October 18 – Mexican actor Miguel Palmer died at the age of 78, as reported by his daughter Valeria through his social networks.

“Bye pa, find your light. I stay in this plane with the injection of love that you leave in my soul and guts. The best father in the world is already resting. A new story begins for you. Until forever pa … “the message reads.

Miguel Ángel Palomera Gonzali, is the real name of the actor who was born in Villahermosa, Tabasco in 1942 and who, while discovering his vocation for acting when he was just 17 years old, also found love in his life, marrying his first wife at that early age.

Palmer, who is the youngest of three brothers, had his elementary studies at a Catholic school and it was at the age of 17 that he worked on his first radio soap opera, which made him decide to be an actor, although at the beginning his family refused, saying that he would study medicine. career that he finally left to dedicate himself to the stage.

Before reaching the age of majority, Miguel met a doctor who had his first marriage and from whose relationship a first child was procreated, who lost his life before being born. Months after the baby’s death, the couple divorced.

It was after this difficult stage that the actor decided to go to settle and try his luck in Mexico City, since in his native Villahermosa, he had also participated in the play “Tomorrow is ours.”

In order to do this, the actor had to agree to study medicine, a career that his father wanted him to pursue, however, after the death of his father, Miguel leaves school and seeks new opportunities in theater, film and television, starting to his long and successful career.

Mauricio Garcés promoted Miguel Palmer

Once settled in the capital and fully dedicated to acting, Miguel began working as an extra in the cinema and his first great opportunity in theater came from the hand of Mauricio Garcés in the staging “Three Authentic Angels”.

This work was followed by his first leading role in the play “Cyrano de Bergerac” with Ignacio López Tarso and Patricia Morán; the actress became his godmother. It was around this time that Miguel changed his last name from Palomera to Palmer.

Along with his development as an actor, love returned to his life at the hands of the actress, singer and businesswoman Mayte Carol, who was married for eight years and had her daughter, also actress Valeria Palmer.

Although his first work on the small screen was with the melodrama “Remolino de pasiones” in 1968, it was until 1974 with his participation in “Mundo de Jugue” and later in “Viviana” in 1978, that the actor would know the honeys of success. and popularity.

Knock misfortune at your door again

The misfortune in the actor’s life would come once more when he married Lynn Caso, with whom he had a son who died after a month of birth. The couple eventually broke up.

Perhaps the actor’s longest relationship so far was the one he had for 25 years with the Argentine actress and dancer Carmen Monge (Carmen Carballo), a relationship from which Miguel Ángel Palomera Carballo was born, who did not follow in the footsteps of his parents and decided to dedicate himself to sports.

The 80s was the decade in which the actor had more work on television thanks to his roles in soap operas such as “The rich also cry”, “Hate Weddings” (with Christian Bach as a couple), “Senda de Gloria” or ” The curse “.

His most recent work was in 2014 in the television series “Señora Acero”, where he gave life to the character of José.

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