Martha Figueroa said “I used to get very nervous because I got along very well with him, so I didn’t want to water it. He didn’t tell me that much, but I remember that that time I asked him what was one of his greatest achievements and he told me that he was able to rescue his brothers when it seemed that all was lost. I remember that he told me that and I was very impressed. He was always very close to me but he didn’t let go so much either. Nothing else on the outside.”


Martha Figueroa pointed out that what she liked the most about the series was that Luis Miguel reveals his defects, such as his fondness for alcohol.

“What I like about the series more than watching if it checks, if it doesn’t check, I think it is teaching us defects, things, weaknesses that suddenly people don’t see. I am impressed that they tell me ‘hey, he’s always a victim’ and I say ‘I don’t think so’. In other words, he always comes out with a glass in hand, it has been seen if he is a bad brother, if he was not a good father, if he was very angry at work”, Martha Figueroa commented.

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