Marlene Favela said in an interview that: “I arrive in Miami and I feel pressure here (on my forehead) and I said ‘now the allergy.’ I go to my best friend’s house and I said ‘I feel kind of bad’. I felt pressure and I went down to run for an hour on the treadmill. I went up and said ‘yes it’s total flu’, I felt like a cut body. I lay down and started to feel that my legs and hands were tingling, I said ‘it’s not normal, take me to a hospital now’. We went to a clinic and they told my friend ‘take her to an emergency hospital because she has something in her brain,'” Marlene revealed.

After conducting several studies, the doctors informed Marlene Favela of the diagnosis: a stroke, which kept her in intensive care for three weeks.

“They told us ‘the lady has a stroke.’ That night they enter through the main artery to the brain, embolize the vein that was bleeding and say ‘you have to keep it under observation to see if the body absorbs it’. The body does not absorb it, they said ‘there are 2 options, have it under observation for 2 weeks in intensive care or surgery,'” she declared.

“I spend three weeks in intensive care, they come and tell me ‘the body did not absorb, you are a young, strong woman and it is most likely that your surgery will be a success, but there is a risk because there may be infection, make the decision, talk to your family, make your will,’” explained the actress Marlene Favela.

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