12 days have passed since Carmen Salinas was left in a coma after suffering a brain hemorrhage. The actress is still assisted by an artificial respirator, and although she remains stable, she will have to undergo new treatments.

As explained by her granddaughter Carmen Plascencia and her nephew Gustavo Briones, the former theater producer of “Aventurera” will undergo a tracheostomy and gastrostomy to avoid complications in her health.

We are going to start with the processes that are followed, which is the tracheostomy, which will be done tomorrow, and on Thursday they will do the gastrostomy. So it is not serious, they are the steps to follow. Intubation hurts the vocal cords and lips. She is at risk of infections”, reported the relatives of the popular ‘Carmelita’.

They added that the “Mi Fortuna es Amarte” actress has made more body movements reflecting the actions that doctors perform with her as part of the daily check-ups, which they consider something positive.

Finally, they explained that the health of the 82-year-old Mexican actress remains stable and that in the next few days a new tomography will be performed to know the evolution of the cerebral hemorrhage.

Itatí Cantoral asks for a miracle

The actress Itatí Cantoral broke down when referring to the difficult situation of her colleague, whom she considers to be a member of her family.

“I love Mrs. Carmen Salinas as if she were my mother, it is a very difficult moment because my mother died and now this actress, who is as if she were my mother, is a complicated moment but we know that miracles exist and we hope that she wake up”, she said after being approached by the media.

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