The 43-year-old actress Marlene Favela was accompanied by her companions from the telenovela ‘La Desalmada’, such as Alberto Estrella, Ana Martín and Azela Robinson. But apparently the great absentee was the girl’s father, from whom Marle confirmed her separation in June 2020, after she clarified that she had already requested a divorce.

Marle Favela married the Australian George Seely in 2017, in those two years they both conceived their daughter, Bella, and although she has not revealed more details of their relationship, she recently confirmed that her daughter does live with her father.

“My daughter has her father present,” Marlene herself assured during a meeting with various media when she left Televisa San Ángel, where she recorded the telenovela ‘La Desalmada’.

When asked if the girl sees him in person, Marlene preferred not to clarify: “Those are very personal things that I don’t have to share because that corresponds to my daughter,” she said.

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