Against Berrettini, who at the age of 25 was playing his first Grand Slam final, Djokovic has imposed his experience and tactical sense on a full center court, mesmerized by the quality and intensity of the duel (57 winners for Berrettini, 31 for Djokovic), although always siding with the Italian, which at times bothered the Serbian.

In front of the service and to the right of the Italian, the best receiver in the world tried less consistent balls, with changes of rhythm that caused a large number of direct errors in his rival (47 in total for Berrettini, 21 for Djokovic).

Also committing direct fouls perhaps due to the historic moment he was about to live, like an easy ‘smash’ in the first round, Djokovic had to find a way to calm down.

Berrettini had to save a set ball in the eighth game, which he ended up winning, forcing Djokovic to serve up the sleeve. But the Italian managed the break with a magnificent ‘passing’.

– Go for the ‘Golden Slam’ –

At 34, Djokovic has 9 Australian Opens, 2 Roland Garros, 6 Wimbledon and 3 US Open.

In 2021 the Serbian has won the three major disputed and in New York, in September, he will seek the ‘Golden Slam’, win the four Grand Slam in a calendar year, in addition to the gold medal in the Tokyo Games – the only great trophy missing from his record. Only the German legend Steffi Graf has done it, in 1988.

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