After Sandra Bullock, who announced she was leaving the cinema for a while to devote herself to her children, Hollywood could also lose the talented Mark Wahlberg. The actor, in fact, has declared that he is ready to sacrifice his career. He too would like to do it to be more with his family.

Mark Wahlber has just finished shooting his latest film, Father Stu , which is scheduled for release on April 13th. These days he is presenting it to the press. Interviewed by Entertainment Tonight , the actor, who will turn 51 in June, said that it is becoming increasingly difficult for him to leave his family for long periods when he is engaged in some film project.

Mark Wahlber is married to Rhea Durham and has four children, aged between 12 and 18. He specified: “It has to be something really special to stay away and leave those kids at home. It’s the biggest sacrifice for sure.” Regarding the possibility of leaving Hollywood, he then added: “Probably sooner rather than later”. So he confirmed that he is ready to do anything to be close to his children and his wife.

Mark Wahlberg recently suffered a terrible bereavement: his mother Alma died while he was busy filming Father Stu. Actress Jacki Weaver, who plays the role of the mother of the main character in the film, played a pivotal role in keeping him going.

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