Gussy Lau confirmed his courtship with Angela Aguilar through a conversation on Instagram, after leaking a couple of photos where the artists are very affectionate.

Given the commotion caused by the news, especially because of the reaction that Pepe Aguilar would have regarding the age difference between the couple, since Gussy is 33 years old, while Angela is 18, the composer decided to clarify the situation that he lives with the Aguilar family.

“It is something very simple that is getting out of context, a photo of Angela Aguilar and me is circulating. We are together, we have been dating since the middle of February, everything is being handled privately, but by mistake they took a screenshot, ”explained the Grammy winner through a live on the aforementioned social network.

The artist pointed out that he was not interested in clarifying anything and that he had even received offers from magazines to speak exclusively about his courtship with Angela, but he decided to do it in a public talk because “defamation arose”.
“We started dating a couple of weeks ago, Pepe agrees, Aneliz knows it too. Angela Aguilar knows my parents and everyone already knows it. Everything was private, even the screenshot taken by a friend, “he said.

And in defense of the interpreter, Lau stressed: “I want to clarify this because the machismo that is being handled is very ugly. I said ‘I have to defend her’. They started to smear very hard, I could even take legal action, but I’m not going to do it because I’m not interested. I’m fine with Ángela and her parents, I don’t care if they start inventing things, but when they mess with her, then I’m not going to allow it.”
Finally, regarding her age difference with the Mexican regional music singer, Gussy Lau pointed out: “She took 15 years, and to those who are bothered by my age, then forgive my life, what a crime, I apologize. If my partner doesn’t mind, I don’t have to worry about what someone else thinks.”

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