In addition, she accuses the presenter of “Masters of Sewing” of “lying”

“Everything is true”, presented by Risto Mejide, addressed the case of Mario Biondo yesterday. A program that featured the testimony of Santina D’Alessandro, mother of the Palermo television cameraman who died under strange circumstances eight years ago, Mario Biondo.

D’Alessandro maintained that her son was assassinated, a version that differs from the official one that assures that Biondo committed suicide. The cameraman’s mother was very critical of Rachel Sanchez Silva, Biondo’s partner, whom she accused of inventing that “D’Alessandro’s children played at asphyxiating when they were little”.

“It is not true. My son is dead and he has not been able to defend himself against these accusations that have been published in the press. Raquel gave a press conference at her lawyer’s office and told reporters what happened that night, lying, because the chronology that has been published in Spain on death are lies that have later been collated,” she said, very upset.

The mother also clarified that neither she nor anyone in her family had ever accused the presenter of paying anyone to kill Mario, but of doing her part in the investigation, recently reopened.

“If you have a clear conscience and you have nothing to hide, why have you moved away from the family?” D’Alessandro asked about Raquel. In addition, D’Alessandro ugly Raquel who replaced her son as a partner in a few months after stating that Biondo was the love of his life.

“If the work had been done well in Spain, the murderers of my son would be in jail and we would not be clarifying that it was not an erotic game. They have killed my son and we have the proof”, she sentenced, convinced that her son had been murdered.

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