Rihanna, “National Hero” of Barbados

Rihanna, “National Hero” of Barbados

Yesterday the queen Isabel II  ceased to be head of state of Barbados when she was replaced by the new president of the recently proclaimed republic of Barbados, Sandra Mason.

During the ceremony, the singer Rihanna, 33, was proclaimed before Prince Charles of England National Heroine of her native country. During the evening, the heir to the British lathe chatted animatedly with the artist.

The Prince Carlos had traveled to Barbados last Sunday to participate in the ceremony where he gave a speech in which he not only endorsed the Constitution of the new republic, but also took the opportunity to condemn the country’s slave-owning past.

“The creation of this republic offers a new beginning, but it also marks a point of continuity, a milestone in the long road that you have not only traveled, but also built,” said the prince. “From the darkest days of our past, and the atrocity of slavery, which will always stain our history, the people of this island forged their path with extraordinary strength. Emancipation, self-government and independence were your goals. Freedom, justice and self-determination, your guides ”.

Rihanna, who wore an orange silk dress from Bottega Veneta, listened to Carlos of England’s speech to later be decorated as the new National Heroine. “May you continue to shine like a diamond and bring honor to your nation with your works and your actions,” wished the Prime Minister of Barbados, Mia Mottley, in reference to the song “Diamonds” by the artist.

Barbados has been united to the United Kingdom for 55 years and keeping Queen Elizabeth as head of state, in fact it continues to be part of the Commonwealth, which has the English sovereign as its main leader. Now, by proclaiming herself a republic, she has resigned from Queen Elizabeth II as head of state.

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