The name of Marina Yers is continually linked to controversy. If during the worst stage of the pandemic she was shown without a mask in the company of dozens of people, now she has returned to star in a Dantesque episode after the war broke out in Ukraine. Marina is of Ukrainian origin, and that is why she has been surprised by her particular vision of analyzing the terrible consequences that Russia’s attacks are having in her country.

“My father is going to go to war, almost 60 years old. But he says that he has already been in wars and that he doesn’t care. He tomorrow to wield weapons and forward. My uncle, who works as a truck driver for Amazon, is going to quit his job for now and go buy a bunch of food, take it to the Ukraine, to my grandmother and cousins, and go off to run tanks. He says that he has never done it but that there, among several men, they will know what to do to defend the country from him. On the other hand, I’m sitting here in Spain very comfortable, that if I don’t get to leave and I’m there, I’m the first to learn to wield a weapon and go on an adventure, because since they have such a good time destroying my country, See if I could smash the face of more than one Russian soldier”, she has written in her Instagram stories.

What has been criticized has not been this writing, far from it, but the video that she herself published a few hours later on her TikTok account. A video in which she can clearly be seen as somehow making fun of the tragedy in which her countrymen find themselves after the Russian attacks. A video that after all the controversy it has caused, she herself has decided to delete. However, there have been several unbelieving users who have been able to capture it to later reproduce it on social networks.

“I have Ukrainian nationality and I am 22 years old, therefore, if this war happens, they will call me to go. I make some YouTube videos there, you freak out, papapapapa, killing the Russians. It’s no joke, if I’m in Ukraine for more than six months, I’m going to war,” she says.

A few words accompanied by laughter that, how could it be otherwise, were accompanied by criticism from her followers after not giving credit to the influencer’s behavior.

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