María Teresa Campos, upset with her daughter Terelu for retiring her early

María Teresa Campos, upset with her daughter Terelu for retiring her early

María Teresa Campos did not like in the least the statements made by her daughter Terelu in the magazine ‘Lecturas’, retiring her early, with a message as clear as the following:

I hope my mother relaxes little by little. Please understand, for your sake and your happiness, that it is time to stop.” Come on, if she stretches a little more she sends her to a residence.

Well, Campos, who this coming Monday will receive an award from the Junta de Andalucía for all her professional career, she has met her daughter’s demonstrations with a blunt: “I’m fine”, thus answering those who think the same as her eldest daughter that it is time for her retirement.

Maria Theresa, though is already eighty years old (she will turn 81 on June 18), does not lose hope of get a new program that, this time yes, allow her say goodbye to television in an honorable way, and not through the back door.

The Malaga journalist dreams that farewell occurs in front of a program with a format of great interviews at the height of a “star” of communication who remained for decades in the forefront, with a career full of successes.

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