The beautiful and talented Costa Rican artist Maribel Guardia, has proven to be very committed to the online stores with which she collaborates, presenting us with a new photo practically every day, this time in a dress flourish which made her beauty stand out as she lay on the grass.

We know that the actress has a very nice house where she has a garden and it is surely in that place where this snapshot was taken, a piece of entertainment that works perfectly this pretty dress that is for sale in one of the online stores with which it currently collaborates, something that started from the world situation.

By having everyone at home, she was able to continue working in this way from there, making it clear that not much is needed for her to deliver quality content, simply her presence and a good camera.

It received thousands of likes and the numbers continue to grow, the more beautiful towards the Photography more attention it receives and of course they also show it through the comments where they do not stop placing hearts and many compliments.

For her, this is her daily bread and she will surely not stop striving, she has a family and it motivates her a lot to continue and of course she will continue to give everything, showing that her experience has made her an excellent Influencer, modelamong other skills that we know you have managed to develop.

Maribel Guardia

Maribel Guardia

Maribel Guardia has been making a lot of effort, participating in different projects, such as the play ‘Tenorio Cómica’, where she participates along with other great Mexican actors seeking to bring back this beautiful tradition of acting in front of an audience in live.

Surely this project will continue to be successful, more presentations are scheduled, a tour that her audience received with great attention and affection, many of them planning to attend and watch her work live, meeting her in person is something that many want in their lives.

In Show News we will continue to share the most interesting things about her, her best content, as well as informing you of other interesting news from the world of entertainment, entertainment and more that we recommend you do not miss.

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