Fear in Canelones: a group of minors threatened to cause a massacre in a high school

Fear in Canelones: a group of minors threatened to cause a massacre in a high school

The police arrested and brought to justice four young people who repeatedly attacked and threatened teachers and students at Liceo No. 1 in La Paz, in the department of cannelloni. A high school classroom woke up on Tuesday of last week with a shooting threat. On the blackboard, written in a careless manner, was a message that read: “The apocalypse begins 10/28/22. I’ll do a shootout”, reported The Observer.

Nevertheless, parents and teachers stated that different aggressions and threats are recurrent in the center, who carried out a strike to demand greater security after what happened on Tuesday. According to what they declared, the seriousness of the events led to beatings and threats with a knife against teachers.

“Things always happened at the high school — some pineapples, some fights — but never (happened) as much impunity as going into the precincts, into the classrooms, insulting teachers, messing with the gurises, hitting with waves” said David Knightspokesperson for the group of parents who represent the group in this situation after what happened last week.

There is another problem related to the operation of the institution and that is that the sports area, located four blocks away, has only one teacher and no security. “Since it is a public space, they go to the sports arena, kick cones, attack children and teachers, confront them and intimidate them. We believe that the safety conditions are not met for teachers or children”, denounced a father to Telenoche.

“Given this, we need a response as soon as possible, the safety of the boys is everyone’s issue. People outside the school enter, threaten, write, knock on doors and walk around the school as and when they want”, tweeted a mother after what happened.

In this sense, they filed a complaint with the police and sent letters to educational, police and government authorities expressing their concern and the urgency of resolving these situations.

As reported The Observerthe police arrested and brought to justice four young people between the ages of 14 and 16 implicated in the reported events. The Justice ordered his parents to comply with the duties of parental authority and ordered a police follow-up for 30 days. In the police report accessed by the same medium, it is indicated that the arrest occurred after a new attack on a teacher.

“In the same way, not having a formal complaint by the teacher, given the director’s statements to the staff, he attended the call, the head of the Unit arranged to carry out actions by the Community Police”, mentions the document.

The Chief of Police, Victor Trezza, promised to reinforce patrols both in the institution and also in the sports area, something that has already been launched. In any case, the police asked parents and teachers to file the corresponding complaints on each occasion that warrants it.

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