Marianne Garcia: Death of the star of Retirement home

Marianne Garcia: Death of the star of Retirement home

Revealed to the general public at almost 60 years old, Marianne Garcia died at just 66 on April 19, 2022. Actress in the films “Les Invisibles”, “Mine de rien” or even “Retirement home” alongside Kev Adams and Gérard Depardieu, the actress had been pushed into the 7th art by her loving husband who wanted her to realize her dream of glory…

Originally from Roubaix, Marianne Garcia had very noticed roles in several successful films. SDF nicknamed Lady Di in Les invisibles where she gave the reply to the inimitable Corinne Masiero , the actress had helped attract more than 1.34 million fans, amused by her fresh and piquant cheekiness. Discovered late in 2013 by director Louis-Julien Petit when she was approaching her sixties, Marianne Garcia had started on the big screen by playing a simple grocery customer in a Discount store. Quickly, she began to play with the older ones. Thus, she gave the reply to Arnaud Ducret and Philippe Rebbot in the film Mine de Rien (2019), to Audrey Lamy, Noémie Lvovsky and Louis-Julien Petit in Les Invisibles (2019) but also to Kev Adams and Gérard Depardieu in the comedy Retirement home (2022).

Interviewed by France 3, the Roubaisienne had revealed the secrets of her love with her companion, whom she had long called by her surname. ” I didn’t know her first name when we got married. Well, it wasn’t mad love. I got married a bit out of obligation… You shouldn’t be afraid of words. But over the years , this man gave me life. It pisses me off to say that because she hears me!… But, the day when one or the other leaves, I don’t think the other will not stay long ” she confided. It was she who pushed him into the 7th art.

Writer, she had also spoken with humor of her ” shitty life ” in her book La Ch’tite Courageuse where she mentioned in particular her difficult childhood (she thus admitted to having been the victim of abuse) and her sister Domie. “ It did me good to exorcise my past, ” she confided to Lille Actu , before recounting this very special bond that united her to her sister: “ She helped me cling to life . , it was my buoy. She is immortal now… ” Marianne Garcia will also remain immortal in the hearts of the actors and actresses who crossed her path but also in the hearts of her relatives and her fans…


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