The presenter and collaborator has always tried to keep the 21-year-old on the sidelines, and that is why there are very few occasions in which she speaks about him

There are very few occasions when Maria Patino has spoken publicly of her son Julio. The presenter of ‘Socialité’ has taken a step forward and explained the real reason why she prefers to keep it on the sidelines.

The 21-year-old has only seen the public light on one occasion, in 2019, when the magazine ‘Semana’ featured on its cover an emotional and complicit image of mother and son.

They both have an excellent relationship. Now, after the recent interview that María Patiño has granted exclusively for the magazine ‘Lecturas’, she has explained why she never talks about anything that has to do with him:

“It has an explanation. One of the things that I promised myself When I decided to be a mother, it was because I had an obligation above all else, and it was to protect him”, she has assured.

Perfectly aware of the overexposure that his work on television implies, Patiño wants the young man to be happy, and for this she considers it absolutely necessary to keep him out of the public pillory. An act of generosity typical of a great mother.

María Patiño

María Patiño

It should be remembered that a few months ago the collaborator of ‘Save me’ narrated how her first years as a ‘single mother’ had been: “I am a person who has not been married and it has been very difficult, if not impossible, to reconcile my work with my son’s education”.

A courageous mother who only wants the best for her son, as well as other cases very close to hers, such as that of her partner and friend Belén Esteban, who decided by the wish of his own daughter not to expose her on television.

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