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Luis Miguel broke the silence about the controversial series of his life: “It’s fiction, it’s not 100% true”

Days after the premiere of the third and final season of “Luis Miguel, the series”, the Sun of Mexico decided to send a strong message

A few hours ago, the singer, Luis Miguel, broke the silence regarding the controversial series of his life, Luis Miguel, the series and sent a strong message about the veracity of it just a few days after the premiere of the third, and last season.

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From his Twitter account, he also known as “Sol de México” wrote: “The Netflix series is fiction. It is not 100% true, (it is) based on real events, ”he tweeted in reference to the television product that stars Diego Boneta.

It must be remembered that on previous occasions, the series has caused a lot of commotion in the middle of the show by portraying some passages in the life of Luis Miguel in a dramatized way. This is the case of Michelle Salas, Stephanie Salas or Roberto Palazuelos, who expressed their dissatisfaction with the treatment they received in previous seasons.

In this last season, different episodes of the life of El Sol are approached ; Among them, his courtship with the singer Mariah Carey, and an arrest that he lived in 2017. One of the most difficult moments for the singer, but also one of the highest points of fiction.

This was the arrest of Luis Miguel in real life

Luis Miguel was arrested on Tuesday, May 2, 2017 in Los Angeles, United States, and presented before a federal judge, according to information from the EFE agency .

At that time they announced that everything was related to the cause that the singer faces with his former representative William Brockhaus , who demanded compensation of more than one million dollars for breach of contract.

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Despite winning the case, Brockhaus did not see that money for some years , he even had to intervene the North American justice and confiscate Luis Miguel’s luxurious Rolls Royce , but said car did not cover the amount.

Luis Miguel
Luis Miguel La Serie – Season 3. Diego Boneta as Luis Miguel in Luis Miguel La Serie – Season 3. Cr. Camila Jurado

It was because of the above that Judge Virginia A. Phillips requested Luis Miguel before the courts; Luis Miguel evaded the requirements on several occasions until he was arrested in compliance with an arrest warrant for contempt.

According to the statements of his lawyer, Rafael Heredia, to local media, it was Luis Miguel who decided to surrender to the authorities before the arrest warrant.

Hours after the news broke, Luis Miguel was released with the promise to appear again before Judge Phillips a week later, but under warning of being arrested in case of omission.

Days later, the EFE agency revealed that Luis Miguel and Brockhaus reached an agreement; the paperwork indicated that Micky agreed to pay more than the million dollars that the New York court imposed in the first place.

The Netflix series portrays this moment with a completely ruined Luis Miguel, both personally, emotionally and financially. The singer is in the middle of a busy afternoon when there is a knock on the door.

In the series, his accountant and his lawyer are in action to pay that amount: “At what point did I become this?” Luis Miguel wonders, with a lost, surprised look. “I don’t want to sell that house,” he concludes. “I think we have no choice,” they informed him.

Finally, after a drunk, Luis Miguel gave the green light to his legal representatives to sell all the properties, but  they assure him that it will not be enough.

Despite hating the palenques, the Mexican interpreter agreed to perform some to  finish paying his debt , but some became a resounding failure, as portrayed in the series: “I never want to do a palenque again,” Luis Miguel decides.

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