Although the identity of the daughter of Luis Miguel nor that of the girl’s mother, Sophie (Stephanie Salas in real life) looks for him to ask him to speak to the press and publicly accept that he is a dad. “How do I explain to my daughter that her dad says she doesn’t exist?”, he claims.

Initially Luis Miguel agrees to do so, indeed, he agrees to an exclusive interview with a reporter (whom he has not seen since they met in Argentina) to clarify the version of Cynthia Houses, but at the last moment he regrets it and instead of speaking the truth, he prefers to say as an exclusive that he is about to record his first album in concert.

In real life something similar happened: Luis Miguel did publicly deny the existence of his daughter on more than one occasion. His official biographers report two: in one of the Veronica Castro and during an interview with Raul Velasco.

As for the first time he denied it, this happened in 1989, the year Michelle was born. Luis Mi attended as a guest to Bad night no the variety show of Veronica Castro, who asked him: “There are many things that the magazines and newspapers say. Is it true that Luis Miguel is a father? They almost made you a grandfather, that you are already the father of a little girl.”

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