Ludovica Frasca drives the web crazy

Ludovica Frasca Drives the Web Crazy

After the overwhelming television experience, the girl decided to devote herself to acting and move to America . It is precisely here, in fact, that she met the love of her in her life, the entrepreneur Frank Farici . On her Instagram profile she had shared her exciting proposal from her in New York and, shortly after, the two got married. Today the model lives divided between Italy and the United States, both for love and for work.

Ludovica is currently in Italy where she is carrying out various advertising campaigns . Between one engagement and the next, she decided to take a break and enjoy a relaxing massage. La Frasca immediately took advantage of the location to take super sensual photos, which set the web on fire. In the shots, the model is covered only by a white towel, leaving very little room for imagination. Her followers immediately went crazy and immediately filled the post with likes and comments.

La Frasca has managed to build a very solid community , which often interacts with her and shows her a lot of affection. Under the hot shots, in fact, there are those who commented: “How beautiful are you ?! Gorgeous as always”. And then there are those who have made some comments a little more pushed : “How much I would like to be reborn as a masseuse”. In short, Ludovica’s fans really appreciated these shots and immediately wanted to let them know. On the other hand, it is not surprising: Ludovica Frasca is really a sexy bomb!

With her 342 thousand followers, Ludovica can be considered an influencer. On her profile, however, she not only talks about fashion or beauty products, but she is committed to transmitting profound messages. She often talks about the differences between life in Italy and in the United States, a theme that always arouses a lot of interest and that fascinates her followers. Other times, however, she indulges in thoughts about life and love . In short, a girl different from the others who in addition to being beautiful is also intelligent!


Ashley Johnson
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