Lis Vega in a beautiful black jumpsuit raised the temperature in networks

Lis Vega in a beautiful black jumpsuit raised the temperature through Instagram

For the beautiful actress and singer Lis Vega, the start of the new month meant the arrival of good changes in her personal life and achievements in her career as an artist, so she did not hesitate to appear quite happy through her accounts on social networks with a series of post and stories that left their fans breathless.

It was through the entertainment platform Instagram, that the dancer was talking with her followers to inform about the new stages that she is opening after a rather distressing period. She made it very clear that with a good attitude and taking life’s challenges as learning, nothing is impossible.

The photos with which she announced her arrival at the new home in the capital of the country, that is, Mexico City, were liked by those who follow her because she was posing quite “light” in clothes with one of her usual outfits that were too “spicy”. . She was wearing a black leotard the way that Lis Vega blew the heads of millions.

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With the bold and indecent style that the artist presents to the public, it was how she dedicated herself this morning to stealing hearts without pity on her viewers, as she showed a “little more” in the garment made of cotton fabric. chiffon and black lace.

Flaunting how well preserved she is at 44 years of age, Lis Vega She delighted with her best positions before the cameras, in order to pamper the pupils of her beloved internet community and make it clear that age is just one more number that does not affect her beauty at all.

Lis Vega
Lis Vega

By post description, Lis Vega she stopped to share her reflection on the cycles of life and how even the end of one more day can be the passage to new stages full of surprises, learning and blessings.

All the cycles that begin lead to a world of learning, not repeating patterns is one of them,” wrote the beautiful artist.

With her words, she brightened the morning of many people, reaffirming that her nickname “The Urban Poet” is a faithful description of her way of life, since she constantly shares her thoughts with those she loves the most.

“May this day that ends be the beginning of a great journey in your LIVES” were the words with which she concluded, addressing those who were still awake and would read the post at dawn.

In the comments section, her closest admirers left not only compliments to her impressive physique, but also sincere congratulations on the opening of her new home and best wishes for this new life project that she undertakes. Lis Vega.

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