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Emerging Trends In The Automobile Industry

In the twenty-first century, one of the biggest trends in automobile innovation has been the move towards more environmentally friendly designs, fuels, and most significantly, the rise of electric vehicles. Self-driving cars are another exciting trend. From cruise control to parking assistance, automobile companies are investing in developing autonomous driving systems and hands-free driving to make roads safer for drivers and pedestrians alike. Take a closer look at these and other trends shaping the industry today.

Electric Vehicles On The Rise

Last year, there were 1.65 million new electric cars (EVs) registered in the UK alone, and these vehicles accounted for a fifth of all new car registrations. EVs have the capacity to completely change the automobile industry, but their capabilities are still somewhat limited by their battery weight, capacity, charging time and the availability of charging ports.

However, there are plenty of reasons to make the change to an EV. As well as the environmental advantages, you won’t have to worry about rising gas prices; your vehicle will require less maintenance than a traditional vehicle; and in many countries, choosing an EV will result in a small tax write-off. Battery technology is also shifting into the next gear: an Israeli start-up recently debuted a new battery charging method, and studies from Chalmers University have reported new developments in micro supercapacitors to potentially increase charging capacity and drastically reduce battery weight.

The trend of going electronic with the automobile has reached the point where people are converting their old cars to electric by removing the engine and adding a battery. Even if you have a damaged car, you can still use it to get an electric vehicle. You simply need to find the right damaged car buyers and sell your vehicle. You can then use the same money to buy a new electric car.

Compact SUVS Replace Larger Vehicles

Compact SUVs or crossovers are a growing segment in the US, and in 2021, sales of compact crossovers rose by 5%. Compact SUVs have firmly established themselves in the marketplace as they’re lighter on fuel and easier to drive. Most of the vehicles in this segment also feature more cargo space, making them ideal for longer journeys. Add comfort and style to the mix and it is easy to see why compact SUVs are emerging as a growing trend in the automobile industry. There are already some hybrid and electric compact SUVs available on the market, and these numbers look set to grow.

Let AI Take The Wheel

Self-driving cars and driving assistance present exciting possibilities for accessibility, efficiency, and mobility. Toyota debuted the Intelligent Parking Assist System way back in 2003, and the technology has since advanced in leaps and bounds. Today’s parking assistance technology not only entails cameras, sensors, and automatic braking, but it can calculate the steering angles and wheel motions needed for your car to swivel into the spot, and then will even do the whole thing for you. Parktronic systems can direct drivers, or even driverless vehicles, to available spaces. American start-up Intvo is developing an algorithm to forecast pedestrian movements, and last-mile delivery drones for moving packages short distances have already been prototyped by another start-up, Udelv.

Eco-Friendly Cars Lead The Way

All of these emerging trends are changing not just the way people drive, but the impact on the environment too. Conscious consumerism has become a major buzzword in the last few years and auto manufacturers are well aware of this. In the future, cars that are more environmentally friendly are going to be the ones that consumers go for. In fact, the current shortage in EVs is already highlighting this fact.

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