Linsey Donovan is a millionaire, thanks to OnlyFans

The american model Linsey Donovan, better known as ‘Natural Barbie’, has a mega fortune at 23 years old, which has allowed her to build several mansions and even give one to her parents.

The young woman, who left her native Maryland at the age of 19 in search of being a millionaire in Florida, found her fortune in OnlyFans.

Today she already has four properties with an approximate value of $7 million dollars, and with sports vehicles amounting to $500 thousand dollars.

“I have the biggest house on the entire lake. I feel like a princess walking into this beautiful house with high ceilings every day. The sunsets here are beautiful. I love seeing my dogs in the pool and my huge pink Barbie bedroom,” said the young woman in an interview she gave to the Truly medium.

Among some of the eccentricities that it has is a dress, valued at $3 thousand dollars which is custom made for Kim Kardashian, as well as a grand piano from $30 thousand dollars which she doesn’t even know how to play, but it gives her cache.

In the same talk, she provided details of the property that she gave to her parents, who, when she embarked on an adventure in search of being a famous model, offered her financial support as her career took direction, without imagining that years later she would be the one to take care of their home.

Although her fortune began thanks to OnlyFans, her fame began when she entered Instagram, a social network where she used to share photos in a bikini and where she defined herself as a “natural Barbie”.

Below we share a video that shows one of the mansions she recently visited in her quest to increase her wealth.

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