For those who love artificial intelligence and more particularly image generators, the day of glory may have arrived. OpenAI has announced that DALL-E 2 will become accessible for everyone.

DALL-E 2: a well-kept hunt

DALL-E 2 is one of the most advanced image generators of our time. In recent months, as rivals like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion opened up to the general public, OpenAI’s latest brainchild, the artificial intelligence (AI) lab founded by Elon Musk and other entrepreneurs, kept barbed wire around her.

Understand here that this AI was exclusively reserved for some privileged or lucky ones.

The limitation was done through a waiting list. And before today if you wanted to experiment with this tool, you had to register first and kindly wait your turn. But this waiting list now seems to be history, since OpenAI has just made DALL-E 2 available for everyone.

And, although the software is still in beta, it’s good news for anyone who wanted to use it and couldn’t due to these limitations.

DALL-E 2 says goodbye to its waiting list

It is through its site that OpenAI has announced the general public availability of DALL-2. However, users still need to fill out a form to create an account on the platform. On the registration page, it will be necessary to specify his name, his e-mail address, his telephone number and the use that we will make of the image generator.

New accounts receive 50 free credits to use for the first month, then 15 credits each month thereafter. Users who need more credits to generate images will be able to purchase more from the “Buy Credits” section on their account page or from the drop-down menu in their profile.

Dangers of DALL-E

It should be noted that the fact that DALL-E 2’s advanced capabilities are now available to everyone also raises concerns about its potential misuse, for example to create deepfakes, nudity or even promote fake news. OpenAI recognizes the risks and claims to have taken steps to combat these negative effects.

The company explains: “Lessons learned from real-world use have allowed us to improve our security systems. Over the past few months, we’ve made our filters more robust to reject content creation that violates our policy and developed new detection and response techniques to stop misuse.”

Let us remember, however, that DALL-E 2 does not yet have an application programming interface (APIs). Nevertheless, OpenAI indicates that they are currently working on a tool that “will be available in the future”, so that developers and creators can benefit from a more versatile tool.

For those who would like to try the DALL-E 2 experience, everything is accessible on the OpenAI official website.

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