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Lil Bo Weep, Australian singer and YouTube star, dies at 22

Australian native singer and youtuber Lil Bo Weep dies at the age of 22 ; her death was confirmed by her father.
Australian native singer and youtuber Lil Bo Weep dies at the age of 22 ; her death was confirmed by her father.

Rising musician Lil Bo Weep has died , she was 22 years old. The Australian  native singer and YouTube star, whose real name was Winona Lisa Green, passed away on March 5.

His father, Matthew Schofield, confirmed his death in a Facebook post, saying she had been battling “depression, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder and drug addiction”. No cause of death was given.

“This weekend we lost the fight for my daughter’s life against depression, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder and drug addiction that we have been fighting since we got her back from the United States through emergency repatriation. [ Department of Foreign Affairs ] but we went bankrupt,” his father’s tribute began.

Father of singer Lil Bo Weep gives strong message

Father of singer Lil Bo Weep

“She fought her demons hard as we all did side by side with her and picking up the broken pieces over and over again, but she couldn’t fight anymore and we lost her. As her father, I am beyond proud of her as she is my heroine, my daughter and my best friend whom I love so much. It doesn’t hurt anymore now that the universe wants her angel back,” He said.

“A big part of me is missing right now, but I respectfully ask that my close friends try not to call me until I get through this somehow. ALWAYS IN MY HEART. I LOVE MY WINNIE. Lil Bo Weep ”, concludes the tribute from his father, Matthew Schofield.

Singer Lil Bo Weep opened up about her struggles in a video posted to her Instagram account last week. In what turned out to be her last post on the social media platform, she revealed that she had been “crying all day” over the loss of her child.

“About this time last year I lost my daughter and I would like to do something in her memory preferably with some flowers or on the beach and spend the day of mourning. I would really appreciate it if someone in Adelaide would be so kind as to do that for me and me, so please get in touch. Thank you,” He said.

In the caption of the post, the artist said that she grew up with a severe eating disorder. She also said that she was taking medication to help her “avoid any psychosis from my CPTSD.”

GLM reports that Lil Bo Weep started releasing music in 2015 and has 36,500 followers on SoundCloud. She has also amassed 125,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

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