The influencer has spoken out about the controversy over the internal inclusive language guide that asked to congratulate “the holidays” and not “Christmas”

The Commissioner for Equality, Helena Dalli, announced on Tuesday the withdrawal of an internal guide distributed among the staff of the European Commission to promote inclusive language recommending referring to “holidays” instead of “Christmas”.

A controversy that crossed borders and that has even reached social networks, where some influencers, such as Lydia Bedman, have spoken about it.

The woman of Santiago Abascal has published several stories on Instagram in which you can see emotion before the arrival of Christmas: “25 days to Christmas, we started Advent, I am super happy so I hope to spread my happiness to you”.

But also a criticism of the request of the European Commission: “What kind of society are we creating so that the European Commission should advise against greeting Christmas in case someone is offended?”, writes the influencer next to a photograph of a Christmas tree.

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