Leaving the United States – Amber Heard is living in Europe under a new name

Leaving the United States – Amber Heard is living in Europe under a new name

Amber Heard goes into hiding and Johnny Depp finds new love

A good half year has already passed since the popular Hollywood ex-couple showed a dramatic mud war in court. After the jury’s verdict, which was in favor of Johnny Depp, Amber Heard tried to challenge the verdict several times due to her financial difficulties. She left no stone unturned. Accompanying fundraising campaigns started, as well as now a film about the entire process.

For Amber Heard, however, things didn’t change. She still has to pay over ten million dollars to her ex-husband and acting legend Johnny Depp. However, Amber Heard cannot complain, her image has been restored, her career has reached a new high and there are currently rumors about her feelings towards her lawyer.

Amber Heard found in Mallorca as Martha Jane Cannary

Amber Heard, however, is extremely broke and can neither pay her lawyers nor the claims for damages. Now she saw escape as the only option. Under false names, a new identity, she builds a new life on Mallorca. Originally, she only planned a break to recover from the harsh defamation trial.

Accompanied by her daughter Oonagh Paige and her best friend Bianca Butti, she roams the streets of Spain as Martha Jane Cannary – as Focus claims to have found out. Apparently she chose the name after the American western heroine Calamity Jane. Amber Heard was known as an Indian killer, while Depp often speaks of her roots in ancient tribes. It has not yet been clarified whether this is again a deliberate attack.

With 1400 inhabitants, the village of Costitx is rather unknown and temporarily just right for the ex-wife Depps. The question that many are asking, however, is when and if she will ever return and whether she can continue to avoid her payments.

In addition, Amber Heard is now known worldwide and attracts attention on the Internet as a victim of cyberbullying. The Twitter platform has already launched a targeted anti-campaign against Amber Heard and her fans who have remained loyal. Hiding is therefore difficult for them at the moment.

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