Texas officer fired for shooting teen while eating in his car charged with aggravated assault

Texas officer fired for shooting teen while eating in his car charged with aggravated assault

The charges for Brennand could change if Cantú dies, because according to his family, he is on life support.

A Texas police officer who was fired last week after shooting a 17-year-old while he was eating in his car outside McDonald’s has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault.San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said.

Speaking to the press on Tuesday night, McManus pointed out that the attack by former agent James Brennand on the minor identified as Erik Cantú was unjustified, both administratively and criminally, Fox News reported.

Meanwhile, the family of Cantú, 17, declared that the young man He was on life support this Tuesday after being shot, and clarified that he is not stable.

“At this time there is no improvement in his condition. She is still inconsistent and on life support. The last two days have been difficult and we expect more difficulties in the future, but we remain hopeful, ”Cantú’s family told Fox News through his lawyer, Brian Powers.

“We would like to correct any misrepresentation that Erik is in ‘stable condition’ or that he is ‘going to be fine’. That is not true. Every breath is a struggle for Erik. We ask for everyone’s continued prayers for our son,” the family added.

The events occurred on October 2, when Brennand was called in the McDonald’s parking lot by a separate disturbance call, when he noticed a vehicle which he believed had evaded him the night before.

Brennand was caught on video approaching the car and opening the door. while Cantú was eating a hamburger and ordered him to get out.

“With the vehicle door still open, the driver put the vehicle in reverse and attempted to drive away. The officer was hit by the open door. The officer then stepped back and opened fire on the vehicle as the driver backed away from him,” Police Training Commander Alyssa Campos said.

Cantu suffered multiple gunshot wounds.remaining in serious condition, while the passenger was not injured.

After the events, Brennand was fired because his actions violated the department’s tactics, training and procedures, Campos said.

The former officer was charged with aggravated assault by a public servant, which is a felony whose sentence can range from five to 99 years in prison. However, his charges would change if Cantu were to die, McManus said.

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