The beautiful Colombian influencer Laura Van Salazar knew perfectly well how to attract the attention of users on the internet by sharing a flirtatious photograph that left one more excited.

There is no doubt that Laura is in charge of showing the affection she has for her admirers by sharing some beautiful photographs in which her beauty is extremely well admired.

The model knows perfectly well that her popularity has great potential to continue growing, all thanks to her unparalleled beauty, with one of the most attractive exercised figures on the various social networks, which is why she does not stop sharing some incredible videos and photos with us.

On this occasion we will show you a photograph that she shared on her official Instagram, in which she appears wearing a beach suit black, so immediately by Internet users who do not stop where to see it.

This publication was shared in the past month of August, when summer was in full bloom and it was much more enjoyable to be either in the pool or in the pool.

In fact, there were a total of three photographs that she released, in the first we can see her standing right on the steps of the pool while wearing her tight swimsuit and decorating her outfit with large glasses that fit perfectly.

While for the second photograph, she decided to give another angle and let her fully appreciate her round and great posterior charms, as well as her heart-stopping legs.

And last but not least, in the third photograph we see her in profile, a pose with which we see the great curve that her charms make.

She got more than 80,880 likes in a few hours, a demonstration of the attention that his official account can have on this, which has an increasing number of followers, currently having 1.9 million, very close to reaching 2.

It should be remembered that this piece of entertainment is just a small taste of everything she wants us to see about her, due to the fact that she still plans to upload many more things and if possible become one of the Internet’s favorite models.

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