It was during a presentation of the Sonoran singer where once again Belinda was the target of insults, during the framework of the October Festivities, in Guadalajara, where Christian Nodal was present.

An evening in which the interpreter of “Goodbye Love” became quite a controversy after some people began to shout the name of the pop artist to whom they dedicated some lies.

In a circulating video you can see Christian Nodal who seems not to pay attention to the words of the public who chanted in unison: “Ching#$% to your ma$%& Beli Beli”, repeatedly.

As can be heard in the video shared from the @chamonic account on the Instagram social network.

Meanwhile, other users lamented the public’s attitude and even issued an apology to Belinda after Christian Nodal did nothing to stop the attacks and pointed out, “I couldn’t take care of the mouths of others”

It saddens and embarrasses me as a Guadalajara seriously that I offer an apology! For this bad timing and this rudeness, it should be noted that obviously one cannot control this unfortunately, but I don’t know of anything that could be done.

For his part, you can see the famous 23-year-old, while he talks smiling with the mariachi group that accompanied him.

It should be remembered that this is not the first time that the “naturalized mexican” is insulted in front of the nose of Christian Jesús Nodal, with whom “Beli” remained for a year and a half of relationship.

On this, as on other occasions, Nodal Gonzáles has been smiling, which has also generated some criticism on social networks, after they pointed out, he apparently supports these “misogynistic” behaviors.

During a past visit of the “mariacheño” and some friends to a well-known place in the area, Christian Jesús González Nodal had a dove with one of the singers of the place, who in the heat of the drinks expressed: Look Christian, ching#$ tu ma#$% Belinda.”

The insults caused laughter among those present at that time and even from the “I’m sorry about Belinda” who continued with the interpretation of “La Derrota”, a song performed by the late “Charro de Huentitán”, Vicente Fernández.

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