Lana Del Rey is Variety’s Artist of the Decade

Lana Del Rey is Variety’s Artist of the Decade

In recent event Hitmakers, conducted by the magazine Variety, the American singer Lana De King was recognized as “Artist of the Decade”. This tribute was held in the city of Los Angeles, in the United States. 

Lana Del Rey released Blue Banisters, her eighth studio album. The award was received by the artist from producer Mike Dean, with whom she has actually collaborated on some previous record albums. After receiving this tribute, the singer offered emotional words.

In this sense, Lana Del Rey  dedicated the recognition to her managers, Ben Mawson and Ed Millett. The singer explained that they have been part of her career, almost from the beginning in 2012, when she released the song Video Games .

The emotional words of the artist

The 36-year-old interpreter said in her emotional thank you message: “ I am very grateful to them, Ben and Ed , and for this award. I am very happy that they are here with me ”. Lana Del Rey also said in her speech: “I was chosen from the bar scenes. Scenes of salon singers in which I was singing for about eight years before I met them ”.

She also shared anecdotes from his musical career, and in his words he also expressed gratitude for the positive that has happened to him in the industry. ” I am always really grateful for any recognition and also super grateful for all the criticism, I get a lot, ” she said.

The singer added in this regard: “The good thing about this is that I really believe that what is reflected in you is somehow a mirror of what is happening in your inner life.” Finally, Lana Del  Rey commented: “It has given me a great opportunity to look inward and look at my family of origin and look at my lineage, see what is happening there.”

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