Content creator Kimberly Loaiza excites her followers with a countdown to launch a new theme song, with an incredible trailer about what is coming, leaving them intrigued about what it would be about.

In 2019 she wanted to venture into the world of music, because before this she was dedicated to uploading content to the YouTube platform, since she has one of the channels in Mexico with the highest number of subscribers, even surpassing Yuya one of the youtubers who have been pioneers within the platform, getting closer and closer to the iconic Luisito Communicates.

“Kim Loaiza” is the name of his music channel, having a large sum of 13 million pretty girls who follow this musical project, with a total of eleven songs that she would have shared on the platform, mostly belonging to the style of reggaeton, some of His videos exceed one hundred million views.

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Through their social networks, Kimberly Loaiza she would leave his followers intrigued with a mini trailer about his new song, where fire, flames and a snake appear, which apparently is under the name of “for that was donecreating total excitement in the comments section on her Tik Tok platform.

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Kimberly Loaiza excites fans announced more musical material, photo: instagram

More than 146,000 reactions in the “likes” section and almost 10,000 comments from her beauties who can’t wait to be able to listen to her in full, since in four days, that is, June 16 will be the day that the internet celebrity will launch this new theme. Being completely a great year for her older cutie, because she first started with the tour next to her husband John of God Pantojaunder the name of 13:13.

Later she revealed that she worked on the second clothing collection in collaboration with the most famous online store of the moment She inacquiring a good reception from all the fans, since even on the same day it was launched several garments were sold out and now it will surprise them with a new musical theme.

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