It is normal for the body to have changes throughout life, including weight gain or body mass, however the best thing for health is to maintain a lifestyle that promotes good self-esteem and physical fitness. This was the case of the beloved sister of the Spanish model Georgina Rodríguez.

The young woman of 32 years, Ivana Rodriguezhas become a celebrity on the internet after the broadcast of her sister’s show through the Netflix streaming platform, in which the world was able to learn more about her, making her popularity grow.

On this occasion, she has shared through her social networks the journey she undertook to reconcile with her body, because in the period of a year and a half she gained more than 35 kilos after her pregnancy, in which she neglected her lifestyle and acquired poor eating habits that led to weight gain.

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Although she knows the most important thing is not our physical appearance and that having a body outside the norm is not a transcendental issue, it begins to be when it affects our health, whether physical or mental.

Finding herself involved in some emotional problems after her drastic physical change, she made the decision to recover her good habits to strengthen her self-esteem and not allow the situation to escalate into internal problems. Her first step was to turn to nutrition specialists and a personal trainer.

Georgina Gio and her sister reveal exercise to lose 20 kilos

Georgina Gio and her sister reveal exercise to lose 20 kilos

Once he received advice from the corresponding professionals, she began the journey, achieving spectacular results in a very short time. Given this, she was answering some of the concerns of his fans on networks, declaring that she does it in the healthiest way possible.

“I am in a process of recovering my physical form. I know that I should not be obsessed, that my body has created a life, that everything will improve. But I really do not agree that I will return to my previous body without an extra effort”, Indian.

The exercises done to tone your abdomen consist of doing a series of planks, which can be done at home without the need for extra equipment or tools.

Another suggested by the sister of Georgina Youth was the abdominal wheel, in which it is necessary to have the help of this object and to do it properly, put your knees on the ground, hold the wheel with your hands and roll until the body is parallel to the ground.

It is important to remember that each body is different, so the results could vary according to conditions such as age, diet, hormonal processes and complexion. So do not stress if it is a bigger challenge, be patient with yourself without forgetting that you are wonderful and that the priority is your health.

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