Kiko Hernández's professional decision that affects his young daughters

Kiko Hernández’s professional decision that affects his young daughters

Kiko Hernández is one of the best known television collaborators, thanks in part to his career in ‘Sálvame’, the successful social chronicle program in which he has been for more than a decade.

However, now it seems that the one who was a contestant on ‘Big Brother’ has decided to direct his professional career towards very different courses and he has been encouraged to make the leap into the world of interpretation.

The tertullian will participate in a play, as he announced long ago, that It will premiere at the José María Rodero theater in Torrejón on February 11.

Of course, Kiko Hernández has made it clear that he has no intention of leaving your workplace on the small screen.

Leaving the TV would be a mistake. Everything that is linked to television raises other jobs: social networks, theater. To fill a theater you also need to make a screen,” the tertullian explained in a recent interview with the magazine ‘Diez Minutos’.

In addition, he has confessed to the same head how he will combine his busy work schedule with the care of his two young daughters. “I’m going to continue with my TV days and I’m going to take the girls on tour, which will be on weekends,” he clarified, also pointing out that the girls “know that dad works at Telecinco and is on TV”.

Taking into account that it is one of the faces that more war has given certain characters from the heart, Kiko Hernández assumes that the boomerang can turn against him and is prepared for the criticism that will most likely be launched when his play premieres.

I know there will be criticism and it will be brutal. But i’m already prepared. I know that there are even people who are going to give me birth. And surely there will be a critic who does not even go, and still writes: What are you going to expect from a little mouse out of ‘Big Herman’”, he explains in his interview.

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