Yesterday the name of Rocío Jurado returned to occupy most of the television grid of Telecinco as a result of the premiere of ‘Rocío’s last trip’, a production that consisted of the live broadcast of the transfer of 18 containers full of ‘the largest’ belongings to the place where the second season of the docuseries of her firstborn.

The space left viewers with great moments, such as the excellent performances by different artists or a very emotional Rocío Carrasco leaning on her husband Fidel Albiac while she couldn’t hold back the tears. However, it seems that she was not equally liked by all parts of the family.

In addition, she has made it clear that she would never have received any kind of financial compensation for participating in or paying tribute to her mother.

At no time does it occur to me to charge for anything someone does in homage to my mother,” Gloria Camila pointed out during her speech in ‘It’s already eight o’clock’.

Close up?

Recently there has been much speculation about the possibility that the two sisters manage to bury the hatchet to bring positions closer. Not even Rocío Carrasco denied this possibility when Emma García asked her about it in ‘Viva la vida’, assuring that “in time” they could resume their relationship.

However, attending to the last words of Gloria Camila, it seems that she is not quite ready to reconcile with her sister.

Although she had previously made it clear that she would have no problem in answering a call from Carrasco. The last time she was asked about it, she pointed out that “it is not the time or the place” to talk about it.

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