The salsa singer Yahaira Plasencia, who is sentenced in The Artist of the Year, lashed out at Magaly medina for accusing her of having set up a ampay with Pancho Rodríguez to promote themselves and thus sell more tickets for their concert.

Let us remember that, like Amor y Fuego, the team of Magaly TV La Firme also protected Yahaira in a compromising situation with the combatant. However, they indicated that it would have been the singer herself who called the cameras.

“If Yahaira will be basic, because you have to be very basic, well he also didn’t study, to imagine that we are stupid. When they spread the word and you are in a public place, it is because you want to be seen, expressed Medina in his program.

For this reason, the ATV driver assured that Yahaira would have engaged in this strategy to get free publicity, considering that she is sentenced in Artist of the Year and she needs votes to win. Also, because their concert, which was postponed to December 21 and 22, only sold 14 seats.

Faced with this, Yahaira decided to deny Magaly medina, ensuring that she postponed the dates of her concert due to a theme of fatigue from participating in Artist of the Year and not for tickets sold.

“It’s because of a matter of rehearsals, of exhaustion, I’m super tired. I entered the sentence, I have to put double the punch still. I passed the dome thing on the 21st and the 22nd because I felt it had to be that way. Sergio George also told me that so that I can focus on The Artist of the Year, indicated for América Espectáculos.

She also stressed that she never called the press to record her hugging Pancho Rodríguez, well, you don’t need to resort to those mornings to appear on Peruvian television.

Oh God, it’s the dumbest thing that person could say. Nothing to do, I don’t need that. Thank God I have America. Today, I have En Boca de Todos, where I can say that I am doing a concert. I have more than 3 million fans in my networks. Why would I build something? I never have, I never would. Pancho wouldn’t lend himself to something like that, I know him perfectly well. Never, neither would I, nothing to see”, she mentioned.

“I am calm working. I believe that people are not stupid, they realize how bad people are. I am calm with the support of my fans and the support of my family. I get criticism from people who know, not just anyone.She later added about Magaly Medina.

Finally, the ‘Queen of the Toto’ made it clear that there is only a good friendship between her and the popular ‘Pitbull’. “Pancho has a super special affection, I appreciate him very much. But right now I’m focused on my things, I don’t see myself with someone or having a relationship. I am focused on my projects and I prefer to be like this”, she sentenced.


After being caught in a compromising loving situation with Yahaira Plasencia, last Sunday, December 12, the member of Esto es Guerra clarified that she only maintains a good friendly relationship with the salsa company.

During an interview for the cameras of América Espectáculos, the member of ‘This is war’ denied rumors of a possible relationship with the singer. “With Yaha we are very friends, we love each other very much, there is a lot of love, respect and admiration”, she expressed.

Let us remember that since the interpreter of “Y Le Dije No” entered the competition reality show for a short season, speculation began about a rapprochement with the Chilean. However, each one of them has been in charge of emphasizing that they are only friends.

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