Kanye West's ex-manager claims the rapper is missing

Kanye West’s ex-manager claims the rapper is missing

It is presumed that Kanye West could be fleeing a million-dollar lawsuit for breach of contract

Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband, Kanye West, would have been missing for several weeks, according to statements by his former manager.

Once again, the rapper and businessman came into controversy over recent statements by his former manager, St. John, who said he had been looking for West for weeks, without success.

In an interview with the RadarOnline portal, the former business representative of “Ye” explained that he has tried to deliver some documents to him, but apparently there is no trace of Kanye West.

The former manager reported that the producer had displayed an aggressive temper and failed to pay the bills he agreed to before disappearing.

As a consequence, St. John tried to deliver some documents from a lawsuit, but when he went to the agreed address, he realized that it did not exist.

The search to find Kanye West did not end there, since St. John hired an agent to deliver the documents to “Ye” at any of his addresses, but apparently the businesses and residences of the interpreter of “Bound 2” they disappeared.

Another argument on the part of St. John is that he used to be able to communicate with the rapper’s lawyers, but, from one moment to the next, they stopped working for Kanye.

That was not all, the now ex-lawyers gave him the name of the new law firm that would represent West, but when communicating, St. John learned that they had no relationship with the famous.

The former manager said that Kanye West hired him for 18 months as of March 2022, but the breaks in his business relationships, as well as the risks in his agreements with other companies, caused the businessman to not comply with his part. .

Kanye West has not given any sign on social networks either.

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