Eggs cost almost double than last year, reaching a record price. We review what are the different reasons why eggs are sold so expensive in supermarkets

Eggs in the United States have become almost twice as expensive, reaching a record price. Egg prices increased 49%, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The price of a dozen Grade A eggs went from $1.82 this time last year to nearly $3.60 by the end of 2022.

Meanwhile, CNN reports that large eggs from the Midwest hit $5.6 a dozen, according to Karyn Rispoli, Egg Price Current editor for Urner Barry, which provides food market data.

There are several reasons for the increase in the price of eggs. One of the main causes is bird flu.

Recurring outbreaks of avian influenza in the US that began in the spring and have persisted throughout the year are taking their toll. Bird flocks, including turkeys and laying birds, were reduced.

The disease has infected and killed about 60 million birds, according to the USDA. Of these, about 43 million are laying hens.

At the beginning of December this year, there were around 308 million hens laying eggs for consumption, while in December 2021 there were 328 million.

Other compelling reasons for the increase in egg prices is inflation in the United States. Increased costs of chicken feed and fuel for producers.

Added to the flu and the increase in production costs is the high demand for eggs in supermarkets. There has not been enough production compared to the demand for the product.

Despite the increase in their cost, eggs are a basic product that continues to be purchased. “That makes the price go up more and more. And that has to happen because supplies are more limited,” Daniel Sumner, a professor of agricultural economics at the University of California, Davis, told Market Place.

Even though the price of eggs has increased, they are still cheaper than other proteins like meat. Also, the demand for eggs increases at this time of year, as people tend to bake and cook more at home.

After the Christmas demand, wholesale egg prices are expected to drop. In retail, price moderation could take three to six months.

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