Justin Bieber after overcoming paralysis, returns to the stage

Justin Bieber after overcoming paralysis, returns to the stage

Recently, it has been revealed that the famous singer Canadian Justin Bieber will return to the stage after overcoming facial paralysis, which emerged several weeks ago. Fortunately, the singer Justin Bieber is already in better health, so he announced that he will resume his tourwhich he postponed due to facial paralysis.

That’s right, Justin Bieber’s return to the stage was finally confirmed, which will be on July 31, as confirmed by the promoter of his concerts. This after postponing his world tour for several weeks, due to the facial paralysis he suffered. Justin Bieber will begin this end of the month, the tour of 75 dates, which will have its first stop at the Lucca Summer Festival in Italy. As you may remember, several weeks ago the singer was surprised to cancel his concerts, due to a health problem, which was unknown to him.

It was on June 10 that the Justin Bieber announced that he was canceling his concerts in Washington, Toronto and New York and although it was confirmed that he will resume his tour. However, it is important to mention that until now it is unknown when these concerts will be rescheduled.

It should be noted that Justin Bieber will end his tour in the United Kingdom in cities such as Glasgow, London, Birmingham or Manchester in February and March. As expected, the famous took several weeks off, as he assured that it was what he needed to recover his health, after he revealed that half of his face was paralyzed.

Justin Bieber announced through his social networks that he suffers from Ramsay Hunt syndrome, a situation that alarmed his millions of fans. It is worth mentioning that this condition is a rash that includes pain around the ear, face or mouth and originates when the varicella-zoster virus affects a nerve in the head. After Justin Bieber asked his followers for understanding of the health situation he was facing, everything indicates that the singer is already recovered and planning the return of his tour.

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