From the pool, María León left her fans thinking of her for her beauty

María León is on well-deserved vacation

The singer and dancer María León shared on her Instagram account a beautiful memory of her well-deserved vacation, so near the pool she showed off her beauty in a flirtatious beach outfit that left her followers dreaming of her at night because she looked beautiful. A few weeks ago the ex-vocalist of the band Playa Limbo was with his family and friends enjoying the sun and the sea in Colima, precisely in Manzanillo, through his Instagram stories, she let them know how his experience was there and even showed how she spent his vacations… exercising.

María León
María León

Which makes perfect sense because her toned silhouette is the result of it, which had the best excuse to show it off in flirty beach outfits, since in several outfits she showed off her figure and in her last Instagram post, Mary Leon reminded them how good she looks in small clothes because next to the pool and her swimsuit they made her followers dream of her at night. With only two images, the interpreter of “Ask permission”Sitting on the edge of the pool her hand resting on her chin, looking beautiful and her dark hair in its natural state and impressive physique in a small beach dress in shades of blue and a print that encompassed white, black.

After a well-deserved break from all the work she has had, she returned with all the enthusiasm to continue with his “Alquimia Tour”, promoting his last studio album that she released under the same name, made up of eleven songs, mostly written by the beautiful singer. So far seven dates have been confirmed, however she has already let it be known in several posts that more cities will be added to ensure that all his fans can listen to Mary Leon interpret live all his hits, also offer an incredible show to those who usually give.

And it can be seen in the fragments that she uploads to her feed on social networks where you can see the 36-year-old artist playing musical instruments, performing ingenious dance choreographies and several dancers accompanying her on stage.

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