Joyce Jonathan: Rare photos of her daughter Ghjulia with long hair like Mom, she’s all grown up!

In a few months, Joyce Jonathan’s daughter will celebrate her third birthday. The singer, who usually prefers to be discreet about her private life, has unveiled two snapshots, on vacation, with her little Ghjulia.

Joyce Jonathan has come a long way since her relationships with Gabriel Attal and Thomas Hollande. The thirty-something is now in perfect love with Corsican-born Martial, for whom she fell in love at first sight in 2019 at the Cannes Film Festival. In 2021, she recalled this encounter in 50 minutes Inside: “I saw that he was a pianist, and I thought: ‘But he’s not bad!” Since then, in November 2020, the couple welcomed their first child, a little girl whom Joyce and Martial decided to call Ghjulia.

Why this spelling? “It’s written in the Corsican style because my lover is Corsican, I really like this name and I find it very musical,” she explained in an interview with Patrick Sabatier on Europe 1’s L’invité en questions. Rather discreet about her private life, the young woman has never shown her daughter’s face. Currently on vacation, Joyce has posted two photos on Instagram of her almost 3-year-old daughter, who has grown up considerably. Indeed, we see the mom with her daughter sitting on her lap aboard a small boat. All smiles, Joyce is wearing a two-piece swimsuit and trendy Ray Ban sunglasses. That said, and always with an eye to preserving her daughter’s privacy, the Pas besoin de toi performer has chosen to hide Ghjulia’s face with a candy emoji and another lollipop.

A sweet nod to the declaration she made to her daughter just a few days after her birth in 2020. “I love her little cookie smell. I love her little eyes that half-open and discover the world. I love every little fold and crease of her skin, and her little birth manicure. Her cute little high-pitched noises, between cries of course!!!! But she makes me patient, insanely loving, and above all, she makes me a mom,” Thomas Hollande’s ex wrote on Instagram. Regarding motherhood, Joyce Jonathan explained that “It’s a bit like being in love times a billion.” In an interview with Télé-Loisirs last June, the singer confessed to being very close to her child, and assured us that she didn’t use a nanny until Ghjulia was 2 years old. She confided: “I think having a child makes you want to be a better version of yourself, because you don’t want to teach them bad things. They reproduce everything we do”.

Joyce Jonathan Rare photos of her daughter Ghjulia

Joyce Jonathan gave birth to her first child almost 3 years ago. Fruit of her love with Martial, a Corsican pianist, little Ghjulia has grown up since then. Exclusive – Joyce Jonathan – Photocall of the evening “I am a woman and I exist” at the Citéco in Paris

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